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The James/ Carlson Family Around the World Trip in 2001-2002

August 11, 2001 – June 14, 2002

Sarah James & David Carlson and their three kids (aged 13, 10, and 8) took one year off and traveled the world. This web site is a family journal of the trip.

We left on August 11, 2001 and returned on June 14, 2002 – just over ten months of traveling.

Please feel free to read about our adventures. Don’t worry – all the stories have happy endings: No major illnesses, no thefts or accidents.

We’d love to get your feedback and questions too. The links below show our trip in chronological order, but if you just want to hit some of the highlights, try the wildlife in Borneo, volunteer work in India, rock climbing in Thailand, and diving in Bali and Australia.

Read the introduction to our trip. (updated July 31, 2001)
our Japan experience(updated Aug 31,2001);
our China travels (updated October 6, 2001);
our few days in Singapore.(updated October 6, 2001 & November 1 for our second visit);
rain forests and orang-utans in Malaysia(updated November 1, 2001);
our shoeless travels in New Zealand(updated January 11, 2002);
spiders, snakes, and crocs in Australia(updated February 22, 2002);
the beaches in Bali (updated February 24, 2002);
elephants and little gecko’s in Thailand (updated March 27, 2002);
“Horn OK Please” in India (updated May 4, 2002);
Jolly cold England (updated May 4, 2002);
Kilo’s of cholesterol in France (updated June 7, 2002); and
back to England to visit ‘The Aunties’ in York (updated July 1, 2002).
Reflections on the trip after two weeks back home. This includes costs and comments on educating kids while traveling (updated July 1, 2002)
After 16 years!