Business Development: Transforming ideas into projects

David Carlson MBA, P.Eng.         (403) 689-1250

My passion lies in Business Development: taking an idea or a strategy, and creating a project or business. I have a record of intra-preneurial team leadership and completion of projects ranging in investment from $16M to $1.4B.  As a entrepreneur, I created, grew and then sold the largest personal investment web site in Canada

A disciplined decision maker, I have a strong technical background and will quickly develop a keen understanding of both the commercial deal, the underlying financials, and the requirements for success on any project.

Imaginative and original, I enjoy the challenge of solving
complex business problems, and I’ve been the go-to
person for leading new business ventures and developing
new business ideas for most of my career.

• Innovative idea creation
• Strategy formation
• Board approval & sponsorship
• Strategy implementation
• contracts & partnership negotiations
• First Nations relations
• Complex project leadership
• M&A activities management