Family Travels

Our ‘big thing’ as a family was that we took a year off and traveled around the world with the kids in 2001/ 2002. We wrote a web site, which is still available here.

We’ve done much smaller trips since then: Belize, Hawaii, Rome, Malta, and various spots in Canada… but they paled in comparison to our RTW trip, so I did not record events on our web site. I have some regrets now, because we really don’t have a record of those trips anywhere.

This year, we’re going to Kenya and Tanzania, including Zanizibar and Mafia.

Why Africa? Before we did the RTW trip in 2001/2002, we asked the kids what they wanted to see:

  • Mark wanted to dive on the great barrier reef.         
  • Chloe wanted to see a rain forest.                                     
  • Heather wanted to go to Africa.                                           X

We never made it to Africa.

So for 17 years, there has been some pressure to go to Africa from some members of the family.  After being indecisive about where we were going this year at Christmas, Mark announced that he and Kirsten were going to Africa because they had found cheap flights. Sarah said “We’re going too” and here we are. Unfortunately Chloe is working over Christmas and can’t join us – her nose is only slightly out of joint, and  she has already created the ‘Didn’t go to Africa’ whatsapp family chat group.

And that’s the long version of why we re-started the family travel web site for a trip to Africa.

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