A different take on safaris

10 December, 2018  Intrepids Safari Camp, Samburu Park, Kenya

We’ve left the Porini Amboseli camp and are now in Samburu National Park at the Intrepids Safari Camp. 
The Intrepids is a different take on tented safaries. There are 28 tent sites built on permanent stilted platforms, with concreted stone pathways connecting them all. The central buildings are enormous thatched roof structures that are reminiscent of an all-inclusive beach resort.   There is wi-fi, although it is broken and not expected to be fixed while we’re here. 

The area is gorgeous. It is situated at the water’s edge of a muddy red river, with large acacia trees everywhere. Velvet monkeys are common on the hotel grounds, and we have to use a mini carabiner to hold all the tent’s zippers closed to keep them out when we are not in the tent. The food menu offers a selection to choose from for 4 courses, and the service is presented impeccably on trendy square plates. 

So far in Intrepids, all the guest groups eat at their own table. No drinks are included, which is fairly common in safaris.  At Porini, everything was included. The food was good, but much more utilitarian. And all guests ate at one large table at the same time, which I prefer because we very much enjoy meeting other travelers. 

The staff at both places have been exceptionally nice. Our driver/ guide and about 40% of the staff are Maasai, but they are required to wear the hotel uniform to work. 
The hotel is located in the middle of the Samburu National Park, which is in the northern part of Kenya. We’re here for two nights. 

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